Manufacturers and engineers rely on an industrial planetary gearbox to deliver a powerful punch in a compact design. These planetary gear units demonstrate excellent performance in applications requiring high torque while boasting compact design. They offer benefits such as:

  • Smooth operation even at the highest speeds
  • Compact and modular design to fit any application
  • Dependability in harsh environments to reduce downtime
  • Strength and torque for the most demanding jobs

Industrial planetary gearboxes are commonly used in robotics and the automotive industries due to their benefits for high-speed and repetitive tasks. Their low rotational speed and high torque make them a good fit for industrial rotary furnaces and similar applications. They also find widespread application in machine tools, such as machining centers and mobile machinery.

    Standard vs. Industrial Planetary Gearboxes: How To Avoid 3 Common Failures of High Torque Environments

    When choosing a gearbox for your manufacturing application, you need parts you can depend on to support your business needs. Here are the most common issues seen in overloaded planetary gearboxes.

    • Low Durability: Standard planetary gearboxes cannot survive in applications requiring high torque. Failure will occur under the strain of the increased load.
    • Poor Power Distribution: Heavy loads cause too much strain on the gearbox, leading to poor efficiency and eventual failure.
    • Increased Downtime: You aren’t making money when the machinery isn’t running. With increased stresses, your machinery will see increased downtimes.

    However, industrial planetary gearboxes don’t face these difficulties because they are designed for continuous operation in the most demanding industrial settings.

      Invest in the Right Gearbox Now to Save Time and Money Later

      The total cost of ownership over the lifetime of a product is the best indicator of its value, which is why even the cheapest industrial planetary gearboxes can end up being the most expensive option.

      We know that quality matters during every step of the manufacturing process—from your first inquiry to your first question after receiving your gearboxes. That’s why Carson Manufacturing’s dedicated approach is the preferred option for so many companies. We make sure that you never have to ask questions like:

      • “When will my gearboxes arrive?”
      • “Will it be appropriate for applications requiring high torque?
      • “Can I get a custom industrial planetary gearbox design?

      The Carson Manufacturing Difference

      Carson Manufacturing provides first-rate service for many leading manufacturers today, such as Boeing, Attabotics, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and Parker. We strive to give our clients the absolute best quality products with a quick turnaround. Our past and current clients will vouch for our integrity and service.

      No matter your field, we have experts to help you through our free custom design process and quotes. We can adapt our industrial planetary gearbox to any size, gear ratio, or industry to meet your system needs.

      Carson Manufacturing takes pride in meeting your needs for design and production. We recruit and employ talented drafters, engineers, and assemblers to give you the best possible product. You will find our customer service far superior as we walk through the entire process, from quote to final assembly.

      • We ensure you receive high-quality gearboxes.
      • We deliver quick turnarounds and communication at every phase of the process.
      • Our superior customer service will be there with you every step of the way.
      • Our materials and designs will survive in the harshest environments.


      How It Works

      We want to work with you through every step of your design process.

      Step 1. Contact a Carson Manufacturing Representative Today

      Tell us your requirements by calling 775-883-3366 or filling out this form. Our current turnaround is three business days.

      Step 2. Get Expert Advice and Design Help

      Lean on one of our trained experts to help design the perfect industrial planetary gearbox for your applications requiring high torque.

      Step 3. Receive High-Quality Industrial Planetary Gearboxes

      We are a leading supplier of high-power industrial planetary gearboxes. We strive to help you find the perfect solution for your machining needs.

      5 Benefits of Choosing the Compact Power of the Industrial Planetary Gearbox

      1. Designed for durability

      The design of the industrial planetary gearbox is best suited for intense environments like mines and quarries. High temperatures are no problem for this product as we design around these constraints. Moreover, this gearbox is customizable to the point it can work under extreme loads and still reduce speeds properly without extra wear.

      2. Designed for safety

      Many of our products are National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) compliant to keep our clients safe. Not only does NEMA provide guidelines for performing parts like motors, but it also guides testing and safety regulations. Many manufacturers depend on their standards when designing their machinery. At Carson Manufacturing, we align with our clients to provide the highest quality products possible.

      3. Designed for high speeds

      The output shaft of a planetary gearbox bears the load of transferring power to the ring gear. Replacing the output shaft is both difficult and costly. In standard planetary gearboxes, high speeds and larger torques can put too much strain on the output shaft, causing failure. If you are unsure what output shaft to choose, our engineers will help you assess the best option for your industrial gearbox. Choosing the right output shaft will lead to greater runtimes and more productivity.

      4. Designed to fit anywhere you need

      All planetary gearboxes boast a compact size with the gear design. However, the industrial planetary gearbox combines a compact design and significant power. With this small design, you can fit your gearbox wherever you need it without sacrificing power.

      5. Designed for quick repairs and less downtime

      The modular design of our industrial gearboxes will allow your production to stay up and running as much as possible. Additionally, a modular structure leads to lower production and maintenance costs. With a wide range of sizes, we can design precisely the gearbox you need. The gears, shafts, and motors are all individual portions you can replace when they reach the end of their lives. Furthermore, you can study for uneven wear and adjust accordingly.

      Find the Right Gear with Carson Manufacturing

      Carson Manufacturing is a leading supplier of industrial planetary gearboxes. With decades of experience in the field, we provide high-quality products and excellent customer service. Utilize our experts with our free custom design and quotes. We will not quit until you are satisfied.

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