Carson Manufacturing helps Attabotics grow rapidly with custom designed planetary gearheads

Carson Manufacturing designed space-saving planetary gearboxes for the startup Attabotics to assist in achieving revolutionary results in robotics.

Attabotics has become well-known, well-funded and highly decorated for developing machinery that reduces the space needed in fulfillment warehouses by 85%. The company’s “3D” storage system transforms rows and aisles of warehouses into a single, vertical storage structure. It uses robots to store and retrieve items.

This innovative approach earned Attaboitics recognition as TIME‘s Best Inventions of 2019, and Fast Company‘s 32nd most innovative company in 2020. Attabotics also received $82.7 million dollars in funding, but without the space-saving planetary gearbox designed by Carson Manufacturing the startup company would not be where they are today.

To achieve mold-breaking results, every part of the robots needed to be engineered for quality and efficiency. That’s where Attabotics turned to Carson Manufacturing’s expertise.

Attabotics team members requested that Carson Manufacturing design a motorized wheel with an output shaft and special mounting with a slide, and integrate it with the rest of their design.

Kenneth Penn, Sales Engineer of Carson Manufacturing, came up with the initial concept and – through an iterative process – created a design remarkably strong and space saving.

“Thank you (Carson Manufacturing) for your superior product, technical service, and partnership over the last three years.”

Mark Poje

Attabotics Supply Chain Manager

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Attabotics Supply Chain Manager Mark Poje said, “Thank you (Carson Manufacturing) for your superior product, technical service, and partnership over the last three years.”

Penn remembers supporting Attabotics‘ increasing demand as they grew from small team of less than a dozen employees to a massive team of more than 230 in 2019. The initial order of 50 planetary gearboxes jumped to 500 planetary gearboxes completed within two months.

“They grew really fast, and we were able to keep up and meet their demands,” Penn said. “We were able to design it, approve it and manufacture them without missing deadlines – even with design changes while in production.”

Penn said he loves working on projects with outside companies and startups. When Penn first met the Attabotics team initially they didn’t have a website or a business card.

“Now they’ve grown into this big thing,” Penn said. “I helped with that, and I don’t even work there. I love that.”

Custom designing planetary gearheads is a strength of Carson Manufacturing.

Carson Manufacturing offers free custom design, a bonus not offered by any other planetary gearhead manufacturer. Custom designs are done in a week with set parameters.

All of Carson Manufacturing’s gearheads are the result of more than 50 years of industry research, development, and testing. Every design is manufactured in the USA, and is strenuously tested and ultimately perfected in Carson Manufacturing’s internal research and development division.

Carson Manufacturing has more than 231 standard gearhead models. Orders for standard products ship within two days,

After 40 years of operations, the company is a well-known, leading manufacturer of planetary gearheads.