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5 Advantages to Using Our 1 to 1 Right Angle Gearbox

1. Right-angle gearboxes are on-plane

Our 1 to 1 right-angle gearboxes have input and output shafts that are at a precise 90-degree angle to each other. This allows the spiral miter gears to turn the corner and deliver high torque exactly where you need it. Other gears, such as the hollow bore helical gearbox, cannot transfer power at a right angle in the same plane.

2. They are more compact and precise

A lack of backlash in a gear drive is a positive indicator of a well-designed and built device. So, if you’re looking for a means to reduce noise and minimize backlash, we offer the ideal solution. The miter gear teeth in our 1 to 1 right-angle gearbox are placed in a spiral, which allows the gears to mesh smoothly, run quieter, and carry higher loads than a straight bevel gear.

3. Spiral miter gears can rotate in both directions

Carson Manufacturing’s 1 to 1 right angle gearbox is custom made with spiral miter gears, which can rotate clockwise and counterclockwise. This feature ensures a more direct and efficient power transfer from the motor to the drive shafts. These gears have the same number of teeth and can often be used interchangeably. Because of this, customers can save money on motor costs and maintenance.

4. 1 to 1 right-angle gearbox products can have a longer operational life

If tight tolerances are not done correctly, manufactured parts and products can underperform and possibly fail. That’s why the custom design process is critical to achieving repeatable tight tolerances, which improve manufacturability, quality, and customer satisfaction. With our spiral miter gears, there is minor wear and excellent clearance between the gear teeth of our 1 to 1 right angle gearbox. This, in return, helps ensure a long operating life, with only basic lubrication required.

5. Our products come with exceptional customer service

As a family-owned company, we recognize that investing in better machine tools helps keep us competitive in an ever-changing industry. We recently purchased two new lathes and a high-speed milling machine to ensure the continued improvement of our manufacturing floor. Carson Manufacturing also has our own internal research and development division where each design is strenuously tested under multitudes of conditions, technical specifications, and requirements. We do this because our mission is to deliver total customer satisfaction while staying on time and budget.

Don’t Accept Low Quality 1 to 1 Right Angle Gearboxes

In the engineering world, it is vital to select the correct ratio and size for your 1 to 1 right-angle gearbox as it can guarantee that your equipment performs properly. At Carson Manufacturing, we offer a variety of configurations to fulfill all our customers’ diverse application needs.

With more than 48 years of industry experience, we take pride in our ability to provide standard and custom 1 to1 right angle gearbox products. So, we have you covered whether you need a 1 to 1 right angle gearbox to turn a corner or a right angle speed reducer.

All of our designs have hardened steel spiral miter gears so they last longer. Plus, they can handle the heat, or the cold. We design gearheads to have an operating temperature range of -20°F to 250°F.

Many of our designs are used in automated welding equipment, conveyor systems, medical appliances, office equipment, food-handling machines, printing equipment, surgical beds, vending machines, and more.

We also recognize how aggravating long wait periods can be. Our team of engineers, researchers, and technical specialists will deliver your products faster than any overseas manufacturer. Plus, we will never charge a design fee for a custom gearbox project.

  • Why incur expensive shipping costs from overseas companies?
  • Why pay hefty fees for standard right-angle products?
  • Why put up with poorly produced gearboxes that wear out quickly, or can’t handle extreme temperatures?
  • Why put up with long production delays?
    Why risk operating life with low-quality 1 to 1 right-angle gearbox designs?
  • Why work with unreliable machine shops that don’t deliver what they promise?

Get Your Custom 1 to 1 Right Angle Gearbox Today

Step 1. Contact A Carson Manufacturing Representative

Tell us what you’re looking for by calling 775-883-3366 or filling out this form. We’ll get back to you promptly within three business days.

Step 2. Get Expert Gearbox Advice

Carson Manufacturing experts can design a custom 1 to 1 right angle gearbox to save you space, time, and energy on your project.

Step 3. Receive Top Industry Designs

Our technical team has the skills and knowledge to design high-performance right-angle gearboxes with ratios ranging from 1:1 to 10,000:1.

1 to 1 Right Angle Gearbox Design for Specific Applications

Finding the correct 1 to 1 right angle gearbox for your project can be a daunting and challenging endeavor since not every manufacturer has the capability or resources to produce customized gear trains. But, thanks to our custom design process, you don’t have to worry about the performance or durability of your right-angle gearbox.

We start our design process by considering all aspects of your project, working with you to find the right solution to meet your application needs. After determining the gearbox size and capability for your project, we will help you select the proper mounting arrangement. Since spiral miter gears are highly engineered items, many require precise adjustment.

    Then, we calculate and draw the geometry for your custom 1 to 1 right angle gearbox, and if needed, we can provide our line drawings at no cost. As a result, you can walk away feeling confident about your wholly customized, one-of-a-kind, high-performance product.

    In addition to our custom 1 to 1 right angle gearbox designs, we offer standard Right Angle Eliminator (RE) and Right Angle Precision (RP) products. The Right Angle Eliminator line is offered in sizes 17, 23 & 34. The Right Angle Precision line is offered in sizes 17, 23, 34, 42 & 56.

    • Our gears to mesh smoothly, run quieter, and carry greater loads than a straight bevel gear.
    • Our designs have hardened steel spiral miter gears so they last longer.
    • Our gearheads can operate in extreme temperatures ranging from -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • We don’t charge a design fee for custom line drawings and calculations
    • Our 1 to 1 right angle gearbox products result from 48+ years of industry research, development, and testing.
    • We produce right-angle gearboxes for optimal torque transmission.
    • Our products arrive on time and within budget.
    • We can produce ratios ranging from 1:1 up to 10,000:1.